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The Unofficial Rumiko Takahashi Fan Club Page
Dedicated with respect to the creator of some of the most beloved
Manga and Anime Characters of all time...
and some of her most endearing characters.

Here's more scans of some fan artwork of characters
from my favorite Takahashi Manga-based Anime shows,
Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2.

The Old Takaholic's Fanart Gallery


In order to see the original scans at full size, click on the "thumbnail" Image.


Here are the front and back covers from another issue of TAKAHiCo's fine work...

For those who want to see more, this link will take you to Taka's Web Page....

As promised last time, some samples from
Kenichi Sonoda's LAMROID portfolio/book
originally done for MUSASIYA MODELS.

(Hopefully, the LAMROID Index will show up online as I get
the images scanned in and cleaned up...)

He made them all look cute as robots, but poor Shino-bot...
Why do these things always happen to her???

                        Lamroid Cover Page      Lamroid in                "YAAHHH!"
                                                                 Kitchen                   "Sorry...cha!"

U.S.A. YATSURA APA???  What's that??

(click on the image to find out more...)

Introducing U.Y. Fanfiction Girl - Sugoi!!!

Including the first online publication of the story telling how Megane
met the "love of his life / bane of his existence",
written by Sugoi's creator, Fred Lee Cain...

(A deep bow of appreciation for his work on this image to Matt J. and his lovely wife, Dorrie... )
Known in UY Fandom circles as "Inaba" and "Shinobu".

(So... what do we call you now, Dorrie... Mrs. Inaba?
Hmm... Inaba Jones... sounds almost like a movie title...
 Hey!!! Watch that hammer!!!)

"Sugoi" created by Fred Lee Cain. All rights reserved.

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