The U.S.A. Yatsura A.P.A.!!!
Many American Takahashi fans may be unaware of this fine bi-monthly fanzine.
        The U.S.A. Yatsura Amateur Press Association (A.P.A.) is a fan publication where interested individuals
mail copies of their Anime/Manga related input (which generally consists of comments about previous issues, original fanfic stories, and/or original artwork) to the magazine's editor, and on or (usually) near the estimated publication date, it is collated and mailed out to the contributing members of the zine.
    The subject matter generally concerns Anime or Manga based on Rumiko Takahashi's works, but comments on virtually any Anime/Manga are accepted...  Severely Hentai stuff automatically excluded due to the Editor's stand on good taste.  (And I have to agree, I haven't bitten into a tentacle that tasted good yet.)

        The minimum "trib" is one page, and the maximum is any number of pages you desire to copy and send.  (Fanfic writer-extrodinare Fred Lee Cain is notorious for creating a second volume of a given issue all by himself on quite a few occasions.)
         The only money involved in the publication of the APA is the money individuals spend copying their 'tribs', and the funds they send to the editor to cover mailing costs of the completed issues.   And the system seems to be working out fine, since the APA itself has been in existance for over 9 years now.   It's an interesting way to share comments and feelings about Takahashi's characters specifically,as well as Anime and Manga in general.
    The APA has had members from around the world at various times, so although the name is a typical Takahashian play on words, membership is open to anyone who would care to contribute to the zine.

    If you should care to join the APA as a contributing member, please contact the editor concerning the current availabilty of open membership slots... The poor man can only handle mailing out so many copies at at time...

The Editor's address is:
Michael J. Susko
 2086 47th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
...and tell him "The Old Takaholic"  Joe Rispoli sent you...